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Territorio Archivo

Territorio Archivo was a big project made by «Chus» Dominguez to Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia with CC License. I co-develop with my partner María the website using wordpress.

Territorio Archivo is about photos, people, villages and stories.

Link to the web:

This website is made with, with Divi theme. It’s about renting electric bikes in local routes. You can booking ebikes and take a look photos and videos.

I am especially happy with the result of this project because it presented me with several challenges that I successfully overcame.


A medieval fantasy rpg game

Forward Land is a story of a hero to save the *world. Your objective is advance in the map and complete the quests to save *population.
– 4 classes to choice.
– Different weapons and armors.
– NPC’s quest and trades.
– Hardcore battles.

Actually Work in Progress

Battleship game

The classic battleship game, who didn’t play this game once? I programm it in java as a desktop app. You can play agains a bot or against other human in a LAN. Moreover I implemented a chat in «human mode» to communicate each other.

Main program was made in java. I used SWING, AWT, UDP protocol, threads and files management.

I have a good remembrance of this game because it was my final project of the course and I was very happy with the result.

Color repeater

This web based game, programmed with HTML, CSS, JQuery, is very simple idea but a bit complicated to build.

When you press «Start» a green circle will appear five consecutive times in the cells. You have to repeat the patron to win. If you hav good memory it won’t be hard to win.