Guillermo García González

Guillermo García González

Web Designer & Programmer

He studied ” FPII Administración de Sistemas Informáticos” in 2011 and “FPII Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Multiplataforma” in 2015. He did web maintenance on a wordpess site in Leon University (Facultad de Biología) for three months. In 2012 he completed a 300h java course. As result of that, he co-developed with another partner a wordpress site ( It was based on the project of Chus Dominguez called “Territorio Archivo” for “Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia”. When he finished studies in 2015 he was in CDS (an HP company) in practices for three months.

Passionate about videogames, he always keeps gamedev in mind, trying to do something different. Guillermo loves cats, of any type or color. Coffe and tea are his suplies.


Personal desktop

Monitor 1: BenQ GW2765 2K UHD
Monitor 2: BenQ GL2460 FHD
keyboard: Keep Out F85
Mouse: Hiditec Micrurus

Motherboard: Gigabyte H170-HD3P-CF
Processor: i7-6700
Memory: 16 Gb
Video: Nvidia GTX 1070
Disk 1: SSD 960 Gb
DIsk 2: HDD 1 Tb


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If you have any problem or want to say something to Guillermo, feel free to contact him through this form. You can easily send him a message and he replys as soon as possible.

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